The mission of the College and Career Success team is to create a space where HOLA students and alumni are encouraged to cultivate their resiliency and self-efficacy skills. As a team, we will empower students and alumni to define their own definitions of success and forge their own pathways.

To accomplish these goals, HOLA alumni are provided holistic supports to facilitate student persistence through the education pipeline. To address the needs in our community, the College and Career Success team will provide individualized and intensive support for HOLA alumni. These supports include academic advising, professional development, financial aid advising, financial support through our in-house scholarship program, and empowerment through socioemotional development. We will supplement on-campus resources by providing alumni with toolkits, resources, and opportunities to build their professional and academic identities.

Our alumni are supported by the greater-HOLA collective, made up of HOLA staff, students, parents, mentors, and alumni in order to promote their individual and our collective success. We will create space for alumni participation in our HOLA collective, facilitating spaces and events for alumni re-engage with HOLA and give back to our greater community.

Together, the College and Career Success team and alumni will strive to bridge the gap between high school graduation, college graduation, and professional success.


We, the College and Career Success Team, firmly believe that learning is a continual process. We strive to build transformative programming and a holistically supportive culture within our community that will allow our alumni to thrive in their academic, professional, and personal lives. We believe that the HOLA family extends beyond high school and college graduation. Thus, we hope to nurture in our alumni a sense of self-awareness and responsibility to become leaders within their communities and serve as positive examples for future HOLA alumni and students.


In 2015, HOLA’s capacity to provide financial support to students in college was transformed through a $5.88 million commitment from the Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice. With that gift, HOLA established the Irmas Scholarship Fund and has been able to build and demonstrate its capacity as a scholarship provider which now includes: the Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund, the HOLA Mentor Scholarship Fund, the Nate Holden Scholarship Fund, the Sparkle Fund, and multiple scholarships from private donors, including Nike’s Jordan Brand Wings Scholarship and a partnership with UCLA Allied Health.

HOLA has awarded more than $2.7 million in scholarships to HOLA youth and maintained a 97% college persistence rate among the students receiving these scholarships in recent years.





  • Currently, 98% of alumni in the Class of 2012 are in their fourth year of college.

  • 98% of the tracked scholarship recipients in the Classes of 2012 and 2013 are still enrolled in a 2 year or 4 year college. Students are attending schools all over the country, including Yale University, Brown University, UPenn, Kenyon College, Smith College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC. Click here to see a complete list of schools our students are attending.

  • HOLA’s Scholarship Committee awarded 120 seniors and alumni with scholarships totaling $198,500.

  • Our students represent over 82 colleges across the nation, including all 9 of the UC Undergraduate Campuses.

  • In early November, HOLA staff, volunteers and local alumni assemble more than 120 care packages to send to alumni attending college outside of the Los Angeles area





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